Welcome to Computer Magic

A Little History

LogoMy name is Tom Hill. I have been developing software since 1977 when the first personal computers became available. In 1991, I formed Computer Magic as a retail store in Geneseo, New York. Beginning in 1995, I began to host and develop websites, which I continue to do today.

WebTips Blog

WordPressThis site includes my Blog, WebTips. I created WebTips to answer computer and Internet related questions that I am frequently asked by family, friends and customers. I spend a lot of time trying new things, most of which I disregard, but some, I keep and use on a regular basis. I am using WordPress to develop this site.

Website Solutions

Website SolutionsAfter over 15 years of website hosting and development, I am well qualified to guide you through the process of getting the best possible website built within your budget. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, give me a call at 585.317.5535 to discuss your needs. Pricing for both hosting and development vary depending upon the size and technologies used in your website.

There are many technologies available to use in your website. They are constantly changing and updating. My design philosophy, though, is to keep it simple, to not confuse the user with too much technology. Many websites strive to dazzle with technology at the expense of getting the message across. You will see in my Portfolio, that my sites are easy to navigate and that any page is accessible with no more than two clicks of the mouse. My sites run the gamut from simple business card type sites to complex database driven sites.

Computer Solutions

Computer SolutionsSince 1991, I have been offering computer support services and am well qualified to to solve non-hardware related problems. My services include setting-up new computers and solving software-related issues. If sparks are shooting out of your computer, I am not the one to help, but I will gladly recommend someone for you. If you are having problems, feel free to call me at 585-317-5535, but see my comments below first

If you are having software-related problems, your first step should be to Google it. To be honest, when someone calls me with a problem and I don’t know the solution off the top of my head, I’ll sit here and Google it to see if I can solve it over the phone. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, there are two options: I can come to your home or office or try to connect to your computer online from my office to resolve the problem.